"As you look outside you are surrounded by God's mountain of trees, soft patches of green to the left and the sunlight pouring through the trees to warm you with God's unending love.  This, coupled with Dr. Joe's love, concern and personal insight made a lasting mark on my heart and soul." Sr. Virginia















Welcome to The Theosphere  your Mountain retreat/getaway to awe and wonder evoked by beautiful views and the great memories you'll create here! 

The radio show On Being, aired an interview with Esther Sternberg called "The Science of HEALING PLACES."  In it, Esther Sternberg, an immunologist and pioneer in the field of environmental psychology, related her excitement about discovering that there are measurable physiological and neuroscientific bases to the feeling of AWE and WONDER evoked by BEAUTIFUL VIEWS, the natural environment or by places that trigger GOOD MEMORIES.  “Beauty scatters the seed of hope in us” (Joan Chittister, OSB).

"In everything which gives us the pure authentic feeling of beauty there really is the presence of God. There is, as it were, an incarnation of God in the world and it is indicated by beauty." --Simone Weil  

This is the setting for your restoration and transformation: "this is a place where love abounds; where sweet peace of mind can still be found; For this is a temple, the God we love abides here."

"I firmly believe from what I have seen that this is the chosen spot of all the earth as far as nature is concerned," horticulturist Luther Burbank said of Sonoma County.




Your North Bay Area Retreat in beautiful Sonoma Coast Retreat & Wine Country, in the majestic Redwoods and Russian River Retreat area, is only a 90 min. drive from your Bay Area Retreat along & over the Russian River and through the woods to visit Calistoga, St. Helena and Napa wine country.


The Theosphere   Bay Area Retreat and Sonoma Coast Retreat site features octagonal structures.  The octagon represents a variety of meanings in many cultures and religions. In Buddhism it means completion, in Chinese it symbolizes good luck and completeness, in Hebrew it signifies  Wisdom/Sophia, in Taoism there are eight immortals, and in the Christ it denotes the eight beatitudes.


God becoming more consciously present in the world because of  YOU!


Grounded in the wisdom and mystical traditions of “The Way”, offering counseling and spiritual practice as transformative through relational connectedness on the direct path of centering prayer, contemplation, mindful meditation, and guided imagery, while supporting the healing and wellness of body, mind and spirit in this sacred space of awe & wonder!

Theosphere: God becoming more consciously present in the world because of  YOU!
The God layer; creating a place where one can be more consciously present; where God becomes more consciously present in the world because of evolved, transformed and transfigured humans living a higher plane of existence full of spiritual activity.











The Theosphere , spinning out of Teilhard De Chardin's conception:  geosphere, formation of the universe; biosphere, life comes, humans develop and begin to create technology; neosphere, technological revolution where the world is renewed and connected through the conscious community and collective unconscious to The Theosphere , the ultimate heaven on earth and point omega, sacred space and sacred place, sacred center, where the world and you reach their purpose of seeing and celebrating the Divine in every link of the creative chain.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience."  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Come on Pil-grim-age: n. A journey made to a sacred place, person, thing, notion, space...where earth touches heaven...sacred space, heaven's gate...Hidden Temple, symbol and element, sacred center...and we are monks of its landscape; point of entry, Home on the way Home...! 


Come on Retreat or Come on a "Get-Away" here at this contemporary North Bay Area Russian River Retreat & Sonoma Coast Retreat in the coastal mountains.  Come to...


...Reflect:  stay for a transformative "guided" OR "non-guided" personal retreat, Couple's Retreat,  or programmed Event;  Or stay for a brief or extended in-dept Counseling Retreat including Life Transition counseling, hypnotherapy/guided imagery sessions, and more;

...Renew:  stay to Renew Vows; renew your relationship

...Relax & Revive:  stay to relax and revive body, mind and spirit !  Be sure to "Reserve" your weekend or week long FAR Infrared Sauna Sessions @ additional $50 fee per 2-night stay.


Bay Area Retreat,Sonoma Coast Retreat
Bay Area Retreat,Sonoma Coast retreat

Come on a "Couple's Retreat" , "Counseling Retreat" or "Contemplative Retreat" in the North Bay Area and Sonoma Coast Wine Country...

Bay Area Retreat,Russian River
Bay Area Retreat,Russian River

Sonoma Coast retreat,wine country retreat

Bay Area Retreat,North Bay
Bay Area Retreat,North Bay

North Bay spiritual retreat,personal retreat,Silent Retreat,Guided Retreat

Russian River Retreats,Sonoma Coast
Russian River Retreats,Sonoma Coast

North Bay Area Retreat,Russian River Retreats,Sonoma Coast retreat,wine country retreat

Bay Area Retreat,Russian River
Bay Area Retreat,Russian River

Sonoma Coast retreat,wine country retreat

Bay Area Retreat,Spiritual Retreat
There is, as it were, an incarnation of God in the world and it is indicated by beauty." --Simone Weil
We, as  humans, are an essential player in the evolving "Journey of the Universe"