"Dr. Joe, You are one who truly has 'eyes fixed' on Grace, Love, Joy, Soul; one who has helped me turn away from neglect and misery, pain and tyranny, and anguish; one who has opened the path in my life for love and joy, happiness and security, peace and trust, and courage."  Elizabeth A.

Life Transitions Counseling:

Brief or Intensive

Weekly/Monthly Sessions, 1-Day Intensive, or Overnight/Weekend Retreat

"In all beginnings dwells a magic force

For guarding us and helping us to live.

Serenely let us move to distant places,

And let no sentiments of home detain us.

The Cosmic Spirit seeks not to restrain us,

But lifts us stage by stage to wider spaces." — Herman Hesse, from Master Ludi

Life Transitions Counseling Retreat: ____ Brief (1-Day) or ____Intensive (Overnight/Weekend) or ____Monthly/weekly Sessions.    1-Day Brief Counseling Retreat (3 Session Series), or Overnight/Weekend Intensive CounselingRetreat or monthly sessions:  specializing in intergenerational family justice/ethical relational psychology; assisting individuals, couples, and adult family members address and safely navigate through personal and professional relationships by providing a contextual modality approach to relationship enhancement and/or intergenerational relational restoration and  transformation.

My clinical practice of counseling psychology, integrating spirituality via a Contextual Therapy modality, currently provides Separation & Loss (Grief) Counseling, faith-based Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy (focus on depression and anxiety disorders, etc.), and Life Transitions Counseling:  specializing in intergenerational family justice/ethical relational psychology.  Although I do not accept medical insurance, your sessions may be eligible for medical deduction both on your taxes and Health Savings or Health Reimbursement Account. HSA, HRA, and FSA plans are employer-funded medical reimbursement plans.


Come meet with me for regular weekly/monthly 45-50 min. sessions, or a 3 Session Series as a 1-Day Brief Retreat or an Overnight/Weekend Intensive Retreat where I assist individuals, couples, and adult family members address and safely navigate through personal and professional relationships by providing a family justice based, contextual modality approach to relationship enhancement and/or intergenerational relational healing, restoration and spiritual transformation (see "Brief Biography")

My practice is to be inclusive, welcoming and affirming all persons; celebrating you and your relationships as the temple of the holy, the sacred space between you and your relationships, as the place where love abounds, holy ground, where God abides.


For Individual or Family Life Transitions Counseling 3 Sesson Series as 1-Day Event or brief weekly/monthly sessions, the rate is $90/hr :  Complete the Contact  Form


For Individual or Family Life Transitions Counseling Overnight/Weekend Retreat, sessions are @ reduced rate of $75/hr, 3hrs minimum, additional.  During your stay, we can contract for additional intensive sessions at this reduced rate, if you desire. 


For Individual, Family  Life Transitions Counseling Overnight/Weekend Retreat registration:  There is a Two Phase process.  

Phase One:

(a) after selecting the type of personal retreat ("__Life Transitions Counseling"), check availability of lodging by selecting your best dates on the calendar on the following link(s):  find my listing/calendar of The Sunrise Studio; for your solo or couple retreat find my listing/calendar of the guest house (click) “The Sunrise Studio”.

(b) If the dates are available, click “Book it” to simply, only “get a quote” based on available dates.  If your dates are available, please review the quote, review and agree to the Guest Policy Agreement.  Prior to making any payment to Airbnb, kindly wait for the "Invitation to Join" email sent in order to provide you with a "special offer" status.


Phase Two:  (a) Return to my website to complete your reservation/registration by following the instructions on the contact form (see “Reserve” tab) and (b) if making payment in advance for hourly counseliing retreat sessions @ $75/hr/day 3 hr. minimum, do so directly on the website “Reserve” tab via the secured “Reserve Now” PayPal button at the bottom of that page.  For use of PayPal there is an additional $10 convenience fee incurred.  Thank you :)

Or, if you prefer, you may make payment by check at the start of each session.  Thank you :)

For all my guests, once the initial payment is made, your lodging reservation and registration payment will be confirmed by Airbnb and/or PayPal (hourly sessions) and you will receive a receipt via email from Airbnb &/or PayPal.    Thank you :)